Putting priority on customers, Hanlip

We put priority on the interests of our customers,
and we will become a leading company that rewards customers' trust with the highest quality in the special steel
and construction heavy equipment business fields.


Hanlip develops, produces, and sells structural steel, tool steel, plastic mold steel, and special-purpose steel, which are important materials for automobiles, home appliances, aircrafts , industrial machinery, machine tools, and construction machinery, and supplies various hydraulic breakers (which are a major attachment for heavy construction equipment), demolition equipment (including its related core parts) for leading domestic and foreign construction heavy equipment companies through a global network. We are proud of being a professional manufacturing and sales company representing Korea in the field of industrial special steel and heavy construction equipment.

Hanlip established in 1979 and grew into a specialized company, making continuous investment and securing technology in each business field, including the distribution of special steel and mold steel, heat treatment of special steel, and manufacture and sales of various attachments (including hydraulic breakers for heavy construction equipment). We are preparing to take off as a world-class company with global competitiveness.

Hanlip pursues continuous R&D and quality improvement so that it can stand tall in the ever-changing global business environment by developing passion and challenging spirit based on human harmony, trust, and creativity. The company is promising to do its best to impress customers in all aspects, including service, and to develop into a company that is always trusted.

Hanlip would like to express our sincere gratitude once again for the support and encouragement of our customers who have made Hanlip what it is today.