About Hanlip

Continuous growth and development since its establishment in 1979,
We will become a leading company in the domestic steel industry.


Hanlip is a leading manufacturer of steel, which is used in every aspect of our daily lives.
Since the establishment of the company in 1979, it has been leading the domestic and foreign steel industry through continuous R&D and growth. Currently, we are taking the lead in the production of special steel and construction machinery equipment. Our products are pushing into world market.

Management Philosophy

  • Quality First Management

    We create world-class quality products through rational thinking and judgment, using efficient and productive work methods.

  • Continuous technology development

    We constantly learn and develop our skills.

  • Customer-oriented company

    We put priority on customers and think and make decisions from the customer's point of view.

  • Core values

  • 01


    Trust and communicate with co-workers and rise to the challenge with passion.

  • 02


    Always keep promises based on principle and honesty.

    Continue to learn to become the best experts.

    Be clearly aware of our tasks and complete them with certainty.

  • 03


    Express accurate and specific opinions based on facts.

    Communicate actively using bright and positive language.

  • 04


    Set common goals.

    Actively cooperate with co-workers to achieve goals.

  • 05


    Encourage new attempts.

    We actively propose ideas for change and innovation.

    Take the lead in the practice of value management.


30, MTV 27-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do (Jeongwang-dong)

  • Management Support Department:
    +82 - 31 - 433 - 4405

  • Special Steel Division:
    +82 - 31 - 433 - 4400

  • Construction Machinery Division:
    +82 - 31 - 319 - 0100